• Chill Out Tea

    Our Chill Out tea is designed to relax and de-stress. Jasmine phoenix pearls are delicate, lightly fragranced green tea pearls that gently unfold in your cup when hot water is added. They release a lovely fresh, fragranced scent and have a wonderful delicate flavour. Silver young leaf tips are scented 8-10 times with jasmine blossom then hand rolled into small balls which resemble glistening pearls.

    Jasmine Phoenix Pearls are ideal if you are looking for a low-caffeine relaxing green tea, with the same powerful health benefits. This green tea is delightful and a true connoisseurs choice.

    Take two or three pearls and pour “off the boil” water, watch as the pearls gently unfold and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Relax and enjoy your delicate green tea.

    50 gram bags makes approx 50 cups

    Brewing time: 3-5 mins

    Serving size: 3 pearls straight into your favorite cup or mug

    Volume: Available in 50 gram bags

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