• Chocolatea

    Cacao is a very special bean – considered a superfood it is the basis for one of the world’s most popular foods……CHOCOLATE!

    Cacao itself is a rich source of antioxidants including flavanoids and heart friendly polyphenols. It is full of minerals especially magnesium, iron and zinc. It also contains feel good chemicals that give you a lift and boost your mood. The more unprocessed the chocolate the more of a nutritional powerhouse it is.

    So, imagine our excitement at Tea4life when we combined raw cacao nibs with Japanese Sencha and created a chocolate tea time treat with zero calories – Chocolatea! The result is a delicious smooth and creamy green tea based drink that can be enjoyed anytime. It’s great for curbing chocolate cravings as it has a mellow chocolate aroma and it’s still a healthy cup of green tea.

    We recommend that for one cup of tea you use two small teaspoons of our Chocalatea blend, brew for around 4 minutes.
    Why not give it a try………

    Brewing time: 4 mins

    Serving size: 2 teaspoon of loose tea per person

    Servings per bag: approx 25 cups

    Volume: Available in 50 gram bags

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