• Lemon Sencha

    Simply Sencha is our most popular tea by far. This is the very same tea with just a little twist. A subtle amount of dried organic lemon peel is blended into the tea. Just enough to give a hint of citrus. The Japanese Sencha itself is the same as our most popular blend.

    As with Simply Sencha, if you prefer the taste to be mellow and light then simply use cooler water. Boil the kettle first and let the boiled water sit for about 30 seconds before using. For those who want a punchier, stronger taste then use hotter water – let the boiled water settle for about 10 seconds before using. It is, however, very important to use water that is off the boil when brewing this lovely green tea.

    Brewing time: 4 mins

    Serving size: 1 teaspoon of loose tea per person

    Servings per bag: approx 50 cups

    Volume: Available in 50 gram bags

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